Yoga Instruction and Assisted Stretching


I've always loved to observe the intimate connection between movement and mood: the calm stillness that follows a hike in the woods, the rush of endorphins you feel after you've just performed, or the exuberance of handstands, cartwheels, or just hanging upside down on the monkey bars.

Yoga takes advantage of this connection, presenting us with endless tools for healing. The human brain has the ability to rewire itself and yoga and meditation can create the groundwork for this transformation.

I believe by gaining greater understanding of our own bodies and minds, we can foster healthy relationships to ourselves, others, and the planet. In my private sessions and classes, I hope to share feel-good sequences, supportive adjustments and massage, and a curiosity about the mind, body, and breath.

I did my 200 hour teacher training and 30 hour Bridge Training at Kula Yoga Project under the direction of Nikki Vilella, Magi Pierce, Nikki Costello, and Jillian Turecki and my 60 hour Thai Yoga training with Al Turner II of Two Souls Thai Massage. Many thanks to all these wonderful teachers.


Online Classes

Yoga setting
Hello friends,
I'm teaching one weekly class online. It's $15 through Yogis and Yoginis Sign up in advance to receive the zoom link. If you'd like to be my guest for free, just email me at
Thursday Open Yoga - 10:15-11:30am Eastern Standard Time
My rate for online privates is $40 per session. My goal is to share movement and breath practices that support your specific needs in this moment. Send me an email if you're interested at



In-Home Sessions in Thai and/or Vinyasa Yoga

1 hour - $95
90 minutes - $135
2 hours - $175

Pre-Paid Packages
10 sessions (90 min each) SAVE 10%
20 sessions (90 min each) SAVE 15%
30 sessions (90 min each) SAVE 20%


I am also the co-founder of Muliebris Dance Theatre. This company serves as a laboratory for investigating this life and the world around us through motion. Our method calls for dedication and hard play.

We employ the entire body in our storytelling, using the combined efforts of movement, voice, gesture, and expression to craft and shape each piece.

Learn more here.



If you want to learn more about Vinyasa or Thai Yoga, or want to book a session, use the form here to send me a note.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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